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I always forget the totems

In an effort to write more, shorter blog posts so that I actually keep this thing updated…

Last night after doing Argent tourney dailies on Niqora, there was talk of doing a guild SM run with some of our alts (we have a lot of altoholics in Bloodriver). The group make started to form as I was turning in my quests…3 pallies and a warlock, with a spot open for me. I almost bring Saraku, but there being 3 other pallies and none of them healers (of course), I decide instead to take my shammy, Zulrea. She’s level 28 but she’s resto specced and has quite a few blues. We head in to the Graveyard, only for me to discover that there’s so much Consecrate going down that I barely have to do any healing. It isn’t long before both the Consecrate jokes (“This must be the holiest place in the game by now”) and me begging for them to take on harder fights start coming over vent. They oblige me by pulling more mobs at a time and I happily heal away. Did I mention that I like playing my shammy healer?

Zulrea dings 29 in GY and it was so easy that we head over to the Library. I’ve also discovered that Mana Spring totem overwrites Blessing of Wisdom. I kept asking for Wisdom and they kept giving it to me, only for it not to take. “Niqo, your totem is overwriting it…” “…Oops.” /dispels totem

We get to just before the last boss in the library without any problems…and somehow a runaway pulls him, causing the first wipe. I was soulstoned but I had used it because I thought I could save us. Oops. We run back as ghosts…only to discover that the entire instance had reset. Crap. We call it a night because it’s getting late and people are getting frustrated.

I switch back to Niqo to do my Hodir dailies (I still fail at drake spearing apparently) and then it’s off to bed with me. It was fun while it lasted…maybe we’ll get to do some more tonight. Zulrea only has 1/4 of the way until level 30 😉