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Still a petoholic at heart

This blog has been somewhat neglected, not due to the fact that I’m abandoning it (obviously because I’m writing a post up right now…) but because I haven’t have the inclination to make a post about anything. I think it’s partially because I feel the need to make these HUGE posts instead of just short little ones with just one update at a time. I really have to get out of that mentality.

Surprisingly, other than Niqora I haven’t really been playing my hunters. Instead I’ve been leveling my little dragonling pally Saraku. He’s level 36 now, running around and completing quests in Desolace on top of his handsome charger. I gotta say, it feels sooooo much better to have a mount (although I’d still kill for a flying mount, I’m spoiled that way). He’s coming along quite nicely as a tank. I’m still learning the class (but we never really stop learning, do we?) so something I’ll forget things like turning OFF Righteous Fury when I’m not the tank. They still keep bugging me about that one.

Niqora has now got all the Horde faction titles from the Argent Tournament. Only “Crusader” remains for her to get so I’m still doing the Champion dailies. She already has her Staff of Feral Furies and I’m undecided what to spend the rest of the Champion’s Seals on. Knowing me, probably some mounts. >.> I finally started doing Hodir dailies so I can get the mining bag LW pattern and my shoulder enchant. So far I’m only honoured though. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but I seem to be incapable of completing Thrusting Hodir’s Spear (although the inneundo still makes me chuckle 😛 ). I’ve been able to get into a couple Naxx runs…and I’ve discovered that I don’t have much patience with them. There aren’t enough people from Bloodriver for us to form our own raid so we’ve formed a raid alliance with a couple other guilds. Being the shy person I am, I’m not able to really get into the conversation with these people I don’t know too well. Couple that with THE longest boss fight explanations in the world…I have patience for a lot of things, these raids aren’t one of them. Not 4-5 hours worth anyways.

I did have a blast last night when we got a group together to run some regular Northrend dungeons to help level some guildies. We did 2 Violet Holds and a Gundrak with a 77 DK tank (who wasn’t def-capped) and a 74 priest healer. No wipes to speak of and the one time the tank did die in VH, myself and another 80 hunter were able to pick up the trash mobs and pet-tank them until the priest could rez. In that kind of group, where we can joke around and really feel like we’re working together, that is what I love. When we got a VH boss that none of us knew the strategy to, we just winged it. And what do you know, he was down in about 3 minutes. Now that is some good fun. 😉

I briefly mentioned my troll DK Githinji previously. He’s gone. Kaput, nixed, deleted, etc. Honestly I was not playing him at all and he was such a depressing character that I was getting depressed just playing him. So I stripped him down, gave away/sold all his stuff, and then he said a few last words over guild chat before impaling himself on his own sword (Like I said, very emo). He has already been replaced by…another hunter. >.> Actually a remake of Machalor, since I’ve been itching for some time now to have a hunter with hyena pets. I’ve decided that RP-wise, she will be very harsh and battle-oriented character, which is very different from my other characters. But with a name derived from Macha and Balor, it’s to be expected really. War is in her blood.

And for my last character update, I created a little druid to level with my brother through the Refer-A-Friend program. For some reason, the idea of playing a druid appeals to me but when I actually do play her, I feel…meh. I don’t know why, flexibility always appealed to me before. Only time will tell if I end up keeping her around.