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Happy [insert country] Day!

So today is Independence Day for you yanks and a couple days ago it was Canada Day for us canucks so I hope there is/was lots of celebrating wherever you are. For the people who are outside of those two countries…it’s the weekend! Celebrate anyways! 😉

Now let’s see…the biggest news would be that my little pally Saraku isn’t so little anymore; he’s level 44 as we speak. That not only makes him my highest level non-hunter, but also my second highest character in the entire game. O.O The next two highest characters are Machalor back on Hydraxis and Anuniaq on Wyrmrest Accord, both at level 40.

That does not mean that I am abandoning my hunters by any means. I still love them all. It just means that I really enjoy playing Saraku. I’ve tried playing pallies before so I’m not sure why I like my dragonling so much. Maybe it’s the huge amount of appeal that I have in his RP character.

Poor Niqora is now riding around on her red drake because RP-wise, Saraku is running around Stranglethorn so he can’t be there to fly her around Northrend. Her hubby Mysthowl has also gone missing in Icecrown so she’s in pretty low spirits at the moment. However that’s not stopping her from being a hair width away from getting her Crusader title (yes, she already is a Exalted Champion of the Horde). Doing the Champion dailies today should be enough.

Niqo has 60 emblems to spend but I’m saving them up to get her the Cryptstalker chestpiece, which will be a real nice upgrade from her blue chestpiece. You know what the scary thing is? BeImba says that Niqo is ready to take on Ulduar. O.o