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Impatience + Money = WIN


Sons of Hodir dailies for whatever reason were starting to grate on my nerves. Usually I don’t mind doing dailies. These…maybe it was because for the life of me, I couldn’t do the drake spearing daily. Either way, Niqora had some spare cash lying around. I know over 3000 gold really isn’t that much but […]

I always forget the totems


In an effort to write more, shorter blog posts so that I actually keep this thing updated… Last night after doing Argent tourney dailies on Niqora, there was talk of doing a guild SM run with some of our alts (we have a lot of altoholics in Bloodriver). The group make started to form as […]

And believe me I am still alive


So it’s been 22 days since my last post…I think it should be expected by now that I will disappear for long periods of time. What can I say, I write when I feel like writing. And unlike some certain energetic people, I am lazy. 😉 And part of the reason is I want to […]