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Monthly Archives: September 2007

I have been put in my place


I sent off a email to BRK, asking about his Beast Mastery build and if it was made for raiding and dungeons or soloing (which is what I do). I linked to Nicora’s and Machalor’s builds, with Machalor following his guidelines, and putting talent points into whatever I wanted to for Nicora. This is his […]

Cats, leveling, and bye-bye Loch Modan!


Fhionn, as you may know, is my cat lady. She will only tame cat pets. Right now, she has Irusan, a Durotar tiger. I had to run all the way to the Echo Isles to get him, not without the help of a guildie of course. But now I have been thinking of getting Dishu, […]

Speak, Spot, speak


Ever tamed a pet with a special behavior? In her blog, Mania talks about certain pets that have unusual behaviors, like making noises they’re not suppose to or appearing in a puff of smoke. Jorthwyn already had a winter wolf but I decided that I might like one of the barking wolves better. Since the […]