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You like me! You really like me!

Is it just me or has my popularity gone BOOM lately? I’m getting about 100 views a day according to WordPress Stats and people are linking to me left and right. And they tell me that I actually have useful information for them! Okay, I could see Horde taming on Azuremyst guide being popular (especially since I posted links to it on both Thottbot and WoWHead, he he he) and maybe the A Newbie’s Life series but really? I write stuff that people take as guidance? Where’s that bloody level 70 rogue who told me that I was wrong about the dismiss-then-tame glitch (this was before they fixed it)? I need to show him this.

Anyways, enough of me basking in my own glory. 🙂 I have two more blogs to link to since they linked to me.

Chronicles of a World of Warcraft Hunter – The name pretty much speaks for itself. Here’s to Gebeorgan, who emailed me to say hi and mentioned that his blog linked to me. Good man, G!

Less QQ, More PewPew – The life of a reroller – This guy I actually found through my referrals. He may be quiet but that’s not going to stop me from linking to him.

Man, look at that. I’m up on people’s blogrolls with BRK and Mania. …Okay, I’ll shut up now. 😀