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Monthly Archives: February 2008

I’m a fool


You know that wonderful schedule I had going where I would take a nap after school and then play with Xion late into the night? …Well, it got me sick. >.< The cold weather we’ve had recently probably gave it to me but the lack of sleep certainly hasn’t helped. I’ve had this nasty cold […]

Fun with stats and stuff


Curiosity is basically my nature so every couple of days or so, I take a look at all the stats I gather through Google Analytics, Stats, and StatPress. Okay, so I’m a little obsessed with seeing who visits my blog and why. Anyways, here’s a few things that I found of interest: The two […]



First Someone, now Hawk and Pelides. It really is sad to see all these wonderful people leave the game and their blogs. I really do enjoy reading them (if I didn’t then I wouldn’t 🙂 ) and I will miss their expertise and humor.  Luckily Hawk’s still going to hang around the blogging community (yay) […]